How dangerous is this volcano?

The Mount Unzen volcano is still an active volcano that last erupted in 1996. It is dangerous because when it erupts it sometimes causes tsunami's which affect the people on the local shore. In 1792, Mount Unzen erupted underwater which caused a tsunami to kill 15,000 people! Mount Unzen causes tsunamis when lava deposites explode and cause landslides that hit the Ariake sea and cause tsunamis. This is a very dangerous volcano to beach locals and beach shops because when lava pockets in the volcano explode they can trigger tsunami's putting the many beach residents in danger. The volcano is monitored by geologists from the Japanese Meteorologic Agency and at Kyushu University located in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka. They use various ways to track the volcano including GPS signals of the movement of lava in Mount Unzen's crator and EDM meters which measure pressure in the dome of the volcano. Not only is the volcano dangerous to Kyushu, but it is danerous to parts of Russia and China, because when a stratovolcano erupts, a large cloud of ash is carried in the direction of the wind. The wind in Kyushu is typically a north/northwest wind which would carry the dust and potentially cause life threating illness from inhaling the ash.